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Student Testimonials


Yaniletsie Romero

Class of 2021

Freelance Nail Tech

Taking Digitech was my favorite part of high school. I absolutely loved the class, teacher and environment. it was definitely one of those classes that helped prepare me for my future. After graduating high school, I became a freelance nail tech. The skills I learned in Ms. Baumann’s class helped me market my business because I can make my own flyers, my own logos, everything without having to pay someone else.


Nathaly Morales

Class of 2022

Student, University of Redlands

Being in a pathway not only helped me obtain skills that differ from the normal classroom setting, but helped me get exposed to other careers. When you are in a pathway, the teacher has typically worked in the field they are teaching and are able to share real-world experience with you. Although I didn’t necessarily choose a major pertaining to digital design, I learned skills that I use daily. Additionally, being a pathway student, I was able to develop a strong relationship between my teacher and classmates because you’re often with the same group of people for multiple years. I’m very thankful for my pathway teacher as she was extremely supportive and caring!


Lovely Alavarez

Non Profit Coordinator

Class of 2022

I had always been interested in trying new things and creating things. Being in the Digitech pathway was not only fun, but it allowed me to learn different principles that could be applied to a variety of different mediums of art. In my current position as a Volunteer Coordinator, I often end up creating flyers, and using what I had learned from Digitech. Ms. Baumann also made the class very easy to follow with the detailed instructions she made available to us. She always went above and beyond for her students.

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